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Mechanical Design, Prototyping, and Low-Volume Production

Our Mechanical Design service provides custom solutions from design to prototyping, ensuring detailed realization of your concepts. We excel in low-volume, high-quality production, ideal for specialized projects requiring bespoke mechanical solutions.

A team of highly qualified engineers specialized in mechanics.

What We Do

Our initial phase focuses on the meticulous mechanical design, incorporating comprehensive simulations to evaluate fluid dynamics, structural resistance, and other critical factors. This ensures that every aspect of the design is optimized for performance and reliability before moving forward.

Mechanical Design and Simulation


Upon client agreement, we progress to the prototyping stage. This involves crafting a physical model of the product to conduct various tests, ensuring that the prototype meets all specifications and performance criteria set out in the design phase.

Prototyping and Testing


If required by the client, we offer low-volume manufacturing services to produce the designed components with precision and quality. This step is about bringing the validated prototype into the production phase, maintaining the highest standards of manufacturing excellence.

Low-Volume Manufacturing


A testament to our service's capability is the development of an inertial actuator prototype. This real-world application showcases our ability to design, prototype, and refine complex mechanical systems, highlighting our commitment to innovation and quality in mechanical solutions.

Real-World Application


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