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Sanzar Group: Winning the 2023 Aeronautical Innovation Award 🚀🏆

Yesterday was a memorable day for us at Sanzar Group, marked by a milestone that fills us with pride and propels us forward on our path of innovation and excellence 🚀. At the celebrated Festivity of the Patron, the Virgin of Loreto, organized by the Official College of Aeronautical Engineers of Spain (COIAE), we experienced a moment that will be etched in our history: the reception of the 2023 Aeronautical Innovation Award 🏆.

This recognition was granted for our revolutionary project, the Aerospace Inertial Actuator (AIA), an innovation that promises to transform the aerospace field with its advanced technology and cutting-edge applications 💡🛰️. This achievement not only reflects the hard work and dedication of our team but also the vision and commitment to excellence that characterizes Sanzar Group.

We wish to express our sincerest thanks to the Dean of COIAE, Mr. José Manuel Hesse, not only for the award but also for the warm welcome and the impeccable organization of the event 👏. His support and recognition are fundamental in our journey towards success.

The 2023 Aeronautical Innovation Award is an important local acknowledgment that reflects the relevance and potential of our Aerospace Inertial Actuator. This accomplishment fills us with pride and motivates us to continue working with greater strength and determination 💪. We are at a crucial stage, advancing step by step according to the designed strategic plan, with the ultimate goal of commercializing the AIA. We are convinced that our actuator will not only be successful in the market but will also bring significant benefits to the aerospace field.

At Sanzar Group, we firmly believe in innovation as a driver of progress and in the power of technology to create a better future 🌐. This award reinforces our commitment to these values and our mission to lead the aerospace industry with innovative and sustainable solutions.

To all our employees, collaborators, and partners, thank you for your dedication and effort 🤝. Together, we are making history and taking Sanzar Group to new horizons.

Forward and upward! 🌠


Sanzar Group: Innovating for the Future 🚀🌍

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