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Sanzar Group wins the "PREMIO INNOVACIÓN AERONÁUTICA 2023"

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

We are pleased to announce that SANZAR has won the "Premio Innovación Aeronáutica 2023", awarded by the COIAE, for its patented control and guidance system aimed at improving the efficiency of space operations. The system reduces the weight of the satellite, improving its performance by more than 75% and saving 43% of its life cycle costs.

The SANZAR AIA aerospace inertial actuator, presented to the award by Sanzar Group founder and president Marco Ruano, can be integrated into satellites of any size as reported in specialized aerospace media such as Flynews, Actualidad Aeroespacial, and Infoespacial.

Cost savings

The development will drastically reduce the weight of current control systems. Thus, it has the capacity to produce the same torque as a 100-kilogram device but requires only 12 kilograms, which means, assuming a weight-in-space cost of €300,000/kg (Jones, 2015), a saving of €23.4 million.

In addition, it increases control and maneuverability by more than 75% over existing control systems; assuming that operating costs in a space station can be as much as 51% of total lifetime costs which means an operating cost saving of €78 million on a €100 million space system (design, development, evaluation, test and launch costs).

Commercialization in 2025.

The Madrid-based company has developed a first technological demonstrator (MVP1), tested in 2022, in an aerial environment. Today they have a second version (MVP2) which will be tested in a space environment and the first test in space over the next year with the aim of starting its commercialization in 2025.

Thus, the company's R&D strategy is to ensure the continuity of the differential technological development in the coming years, implementing the AIA together with its control software in different space platforms: Agile Satellites, Observation Satellites, Communication Satellites, and Mini-Satellites. The AIA is a plug-and-play device, easy to adapt to any platform by simple scaling that supports the advancement and implementation of technology with a significant impact on the increase of space operations and applications.

Sanzar will commercially exploit its technology through a B2B business model with the support of the European Space Agency (ESA) and collaborations with other technology companies. It aims to enter a 4.98 billion global gyroscope market by 2028 which underpins its commercial strategy.

With a young and international team of 9 engineers and with a clear international vocation, it has offices in Spain, India, Paraguay, and Tunisia. It expects to generate cascading benefits by facilitating and reducing the cost of access to space data and communications around the world.

We will keep you informed of new milestones!

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