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Satellite Precision Damage and Risk Assessment

Utilizing satellites with up to 30 cm precision, we offer detailed assessments for agriculture, forestry, and industrial areas. Our advanced AI and Big Data techniques enable us to provide insurers with significant savings through enhanced accuracy and efficiency in risk evaluation, along with crucial insights for agricultural monitoring and insurance

We develop precise, AI-enhanced satellite assessments for efficient damage and risk management in diverse environments.

Satellite Precision for Risk and Damage Assessment

What We Do

Our first step involves acquiring high-resolution satellite images of your agricultural, forestry, or industrial terrain. We ensure precision by utilizing images with up to 30 cm resolution, covering any historical moment specific to your area. This detailed imagery lays the foundation for our comprehensive assessment.

High Resolution Satellite Imaging


Next, we harness the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data to meticulously analyze these high-resolution images. This process allows us to extract meaningful insights about the condition and characteristics of your terrain, setting the stage for accurate risk assessment and damage evaluation.

AI and Big Data Analysis


In this step, we compile the analyzed data into a digital map of your area, complete with precise statistics and metrics. This map is tailored to provide valuable insights specific to your needs, helping you make informed decisions about your land and its potential risks or opportunities.

Digital Mapping with Precise Metrics


A practical example of our service's impact involves a client who utilized our assessment. Through our detailed analysis, they discovered that up to 60% of their land was non-productive, resulting in annual losses exceeding 3 million dollars due to not capitalizing on this production opportunity. This critical insight enabled them to re-strategize and optimize their land use, demonstrating the real-world value and effectiveness of our precision damage and risk assessment service.

Real-World Use Case


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