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Our Services

Innovating at every step, our company delivers a diverse range of cutting-edge services, tailored to the unique needs of each client. We combine the latest technology with deep industry knowledge, transforming challenges into opportunities and setting new standards in service excellence.

We bring our innovative touch to every service.

Satellite Precision Damage and Risk Assessment


Satellite Precision Damage and Risk Assessment

Utilizing high-resolution satellites with up to 30 cm precision, our service provides precise evaluations for agricultural, forestry, and industrial zones. By integrating AI and Big Data, we enhance efficiency in time, labor, and costs for risk assessment, delivering critical insights for agricultural monitoring and insurance needs.

Mechanical Design, Prototyping, Production


Mechanical Design, Prototyping, and Low-Volume Production

Our Mechanical Design service provides custom solutions from design to prototyping, ensuring detailed realization of your concepts. We excel in low-volume, high-quality production, ideal for specialized projects requiring bespoke mechanical solutions.

Software Control


Software Control

Our Software Control services offer sophisticated solutions for a wide range of applications, including aviation and various industries. We focus on developing software that boosts efficiency and reliability, tailored to meet the unique demands of each sector for optimal performance.

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