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Driving innovation for a new space era

Our new ACS patented linear configuration.

Better performance

Weight reduction

Volume reduction

Expanding Space Horizons

Decreasing the size of satellite constellations by
enhancing the orientation agility of each
individual satellite.

Orientation Accuracy

Sanzar’s ACS is capable of quickly
orienting the satellite with a 0.0001
degree maximum precision in all 3
axes. Enhance communication
capabilities and mapping coverage.

Spacecraft Agility

Allows the satellite to rotate up to 21.8 degrees per second. Each CMG can deliver the maximum angular momentum in less than 1 second in any plane perpendicular to the nutation axis.

Compact & Powerful

The whole ACS with 4 CMGs fits inside a 1U cube (0.097 x 0.097 x 0.097 m ) making it easy to integrate in small satellites with our linear patented configuration.

Effortless Integration

The ACS is built by modules that can be adapted and distributed to fit the
customer’s requirements and diverse
satellite sizes. The ACS comes with the software needed to control the satellite attitude.

Power Efficiency

As opposite to reaction wheels, the constant rotation of the inertia wheel
ensures steady and efficient operation without unnecessary current peaks. Reduces battery size and power requirements by a factor of 3.

Gradient Background

Volume of CMGs 0.097 x 0.097 x 0.0485 cubic meters (<0.5 U)

Volume of RWs 0.0485 x 0.0485 x 0.03 cubic meters

For satellites from 3 U up to 30 U

Uniform momentum distribution

Nominal satellite rotation up to 21.8 deg/s

2 CMGs + 2 RWs

Volume of 0.097 x 0.097 x 0.097 cubic meters (<1 U)

For satellites from 3 U up to 30 U

Non-uniform momentum distribution

Nominal satellite rotation up to 21.8 deg/s

4 CMGs

Modular Configurations

Why Sanzar Group?


Current Attitude Control Systems (ACS) have a limited Torque/Weight ratio (Nm/kg), which restricts the operational range of a satellite's service capabilities. This limitation confines the satellite to a narrower range of applications and orbits. This limitation also requires the deployment of additional satellites to cover the desired terrain.

Limited Current Capabilities


Single satellites currently in orbit have a potentially larger service range that remains untapped due to these limitations. This results in a significant opportunity cost, as the full potential of individual satellites is not being utilized, leading to potentially millions in lost revenue.

Missed Oportunities


Our ACS offers a higher torque/weight ratio compared to existing and forthcoming market proposals, enabling a wider range of applications due to enhanced maneuverability. This leads to reduced opportunity and operational costs, diminish the necessity to launch additional satellites, and ultimately decrease space debris.

Advanced ACS Performance

Certificates and Commitment