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Logistic Flying Car

  • Operates in Both Urban & Suburban Markets

  • Low Operating and Maintenance Costs

  • Take Off and Land Anywhere

True Door-to-Door Delivery System

  • No Need for a Lot of Vertiports

  • Delivery in No-Fly Zones

  • Pickup/Drop Cargo Anywhere

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Outer Rotor In-Wheel Motor (OR-IWM) are designed for high efficiency, reliability, and quiet operation, while being lightweight and compact. They deliver high torque at low speeds for urban driving and maintain performance on highways. The in-wheel motor design utilizes an outer-rotor directly coupled with the tire rims. This configuration maximizes the use of space, significantly reducing the size and weight of the system, and paves the way for advanced torque vectoring capabilities.

Driver Mode

The next generation frameless tilt motor is a unique and compact design optimized for robust and precise angular rotation, making it ideal for extreme applications.

Hover Mode

The advanced brushless motor with a propeller is designed to remain stationary in drive mode and transition to a horizontal position for lift-off. This functionality allows the vehicle to seamlessly switch from road travel to flight.

Fly Mode

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Sanzar Group and Finova Aviation have partnered together to bring the Logistic Flying Car to life.

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