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Legal Notice

The following information is provided in compliance with the provisions of the Spanish law LSSICE, 34/2002, Article 10.

Company Name: Agroaerospace, S.L.
Registered Office: calle Fray Luis de Leon 5. 28012. Madrid.
Company Register Entry:  N.R.M. Madrid - Volume 39032, Folio 20, Section GNE, Page 693521
NIF: B88360565

General Usage Conditions

User Status and Acceptance of These Conditions

Accessing and using the website (hereinafter, “the Website”), owned by Sanzar Group, make you a site User and imply acceptance of these General Usage Conditions subscribed by the Owner. A User is any physical or legal person who accesses, browses, uses, or participates in the services and activities, free or paid, undertaken on the Website. These conditions will be applicable independently of purchasing or contracting—or not—the products or services offered on the Sanzar Group platform.

Purpose of the Website

The purpose of this Website is to offer products and services related to consulting and engineering, development of software and hardware, integration of turnkey systems and operational support, as well as to provide information on the products and/or services and functionalities held by the Owner. Access to and browsing on the Website are free of charge, even while the offers and purchase of products or contracting services involve payment of a price and acceptance of specific conditions that must be adopted in budget provided by Sanzar Group to the client.

User Obligations

As a User by merely accessing and browsing on the website, you must:

  1. Use the Website diligently, correctly and licitly, always respecting current legislation, morality and good customs, as well as public order.

  2. Periodically review these Conditions, or any others that may apply, checking for modifications that could occur.

  3. Review the communications sent by Sanzar Group, as they may contain important information.

  4. Not use the Website for commercial purposes, especially to collect information or content to provide services that clearly constitute competition for Sanzar Group.

  5. Not modify or attempt to modify in any way, nor take actions or use resources aimed at simulating the appearance or functions of the Website.

  6. Not damage, disable, overload or hinder the service (or the network or networks connected to the service, or interfere in their use and enjoyment.

  7. Refrain from taking any action that involves introducing computer viruses, worms, trojans or any other type of malware that is designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionalities of the Website.

  8. Not use reverse engineering techniques and/or decipher, decompile or use any other system designed to discover the Sanzar Group source code.

  9. In any case, do not take any action that can violate the rights and interests of the Owner or third parties, including, but not limited to, intellectual or industrial property rights (patents, brands, copyright, commercial secrets, etc.).

Availability of the Website

The Owner strives to improve and expand the Sanzar Group Website, as well as the content and services offered on it. Despite that, the Website will be shown as-is at all times, depending on availability, limitations and other concurrent circumstances.

Exclusion from Liability

Sanzar Group works so that the services and functionalities on the Website are always available. However, when accessing it, it will be shown depending on availability and the limitations that apply at all times.

Sanzar Group does not guarantee the legality, reliability, usefulness, truthfulness, lack of viruses or malware, or the accuracy of the services or information published on the Website. However, Sanzar Group declares that it has adopted all the necessary state-of-the-art measures within its possibilities to guarantee the correct and proper functioning of the Website.

The User will likely find links on the Website to other sites through different buttons, links, banners, etc., which are managed by third parties. Sanzar Group accepts no liability arising from the content or any other aspect of the websites accessed through those links as the functions and content cannot be approved or reviewed. Establishing any type of link from the Website to another external site does not necessarily imply the existence of any type of business relationship, collaboration, or any other relationship between Sanzar Group and the entity responsible for the external website.

Likewise, it is impossible to guarantee the absence of viruses or other damaging elements on the Website or third-party websites that could cause alterations to the User’s computer system, both software and hardware. Therefore, the User accepts and understands that there are situations that my be beyond Sanzar Group’s control.

Users who access any link published on the Website does so under their own risk and responsibility, and they Owner assumes no liability whatsoever.

Likewise, the Website is released from all liability deriving from misuse by the Users, as well as noncompliance with the obligations or commitments assumed by virtue of these conditions or any other that may apply.

Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights

Sanzar Group holds the Intellectual and Industrial Property rights for all elements that make up the Website that are subject to this discipline, which include especially the texts, graphics, drawings, designs, computer code, software, photographs, music, videos, audio, trademarks, logos, databases, images, expressions and information and all other protectable content, including the Sanzar Group brand, or holds sufficient rights and/or authorizations to use them.

Unauthorized use or copying, in full or in part, for commercial purposes (including reproduction, distribution, transformation, and public dissemination) of the content mentioned in the paragraph above is strictly prohibited, unless expressly authorized in advance in writing by Sanzar Group.

Accessing, browsing, and using the Website is the responsibility of the User, so the User agrees to diligently and faithfully observe any additional instructions related to the use of the Website and of its content given by Sanzar Group or Sanzar Group-authorized personnel authorized.

Likewise, the User is urged to use the contact tools available on the Website to notify Sanzar Group of anything that comes to their attention that may constitute unlawful conduct or conduct that infringes on the rights of any third party.

Infringement on the Intellectual and Industrial Property rights with regard to the content of the Website owned by Sanzar Group carried out by the User, or the unauthorized use of said elements, will result in applying the liabilities established in any applicable legislation currently in force.


- The Owner may penalize any User for failure to comply with the applicable conditions, blocking access, temporarily or permanently, to the Website. The duration of the penalization will depend on the type of infraction committed. The access restriction shall not give rise to any right of compensation.

- Any damage, harm, loss or cost (including lawyers and/or attorneys fees) deriving from noncompliance by the User with these Conditions or any others that may apply that affect Sanzar Group must be compensated by the User who caused it. This includes any third-party claims deriving from said noncompliance.

Modification of these General Conditions

- Sanzar Group reserves the right to modify and/or adapt the Website or these General Usage Conditions without prior notice at any time. Users are therefore encouraged to read these conditions each time they use the Website, as they may have been modified. If the User does not agree with any of the conditions in this notice, they must stop using the Website immediately.

- The new wording of the conditions will be published directly on the Website. The validity of these conditions over time coincides, therefore, with the time they are published, until they are modified in whole or in part, at which time the modified general conditions will take effect.

Safeguarding and interpretation

If the competent Authority declares that any of these provisions are illegal, invalid or unenforceable, it must be interpreted in the closest way possible to the original intent of that provision. In any case, a declaration with respect to any clause or clauses shall not affect the validity of all others.

The fact that the Owner does not demand strict compliance with any of the terms of these Conditions does not mean, nor may it be interpreted to mean in any case, a waiving of the right to demand it in the future.


The language applicable to these Conditions is Spanish. If versions are provided in other languages, such as English, it is merely as a courtesy and for greater convenience for the User. In case of contradictions, the Spanish version shall prevail.

Legislation and Jurisdiction

The relationships between the Owner and the User shall be governed by Spanish legislation, and any discrepancies or conflicts related to these Conditions will depend on the User having the condition of consumer and/or User in compliance with the applicable legislation.

As a consumer and/or User, conflicts will be subject to the Courts and Tribunals of the User’s residence. If the User does not meet this condition, conflicts will be resolved by the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid.

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