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Cookie Policy

A legal disclaimer

The website (hereinafter, “the WEBSITE”), owned by AgroAerospace, S.L. (hereinafter, “Sanzar Group”), uses first-party and third-party cookies to facilitate and customize the content offered based on User habits by analyzing browsing patterns.

In compliance with current legislation, Sanzar Group wishes to clearly and fully inform the User of everything related to the use of cookies. We therefore recommend you read this policy carefully.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files received on your terminal from the websites you visit. They are used to record certain browsing interactions on a website, mobile app, etc., storing data that can be updated and retrieved from your terminal.

This website uses cookies and/or similar technologies that store and retrieve information as you browse. These technologies can generally be used for a wide variety of purposes, such as recognizing you as a User, obtaining information on your browsing habits, and customizing the way content is shown to you.

Cookies can also be used to record anonymous information about how a visitor uses a web page. For example, from what other web page you accessed or whether you used an advertising banner to reach the current one.

The specific uses we make of these technologies are described below.


When you access the Sanzar Group Website, it offers certain information on the use of this technology through the device or terminal equipment used, and you will be asked to give your consent for that purpose.

Keep in mind that some cookies may be required for the Website to work and, if you refuse to give this consent, access could be blocked or it may not work properly.

In addition, in the configuration panel available to you on the main Website, you can choose to accept or reject all cookies or do so individually, managing your preferences.

You may withdraw your consent at any time when using this technology. See the “Deactivating or deleting cookies” section in this Cookie Policy for more information.

What types of cookies are used on this website?

First-party cookies

  • Essential: These cookies enable you to browse our website, use the different options and specify or customize certain general site characteristics. For example, define the language, identify the type of browser used, etc.

  • Marketing cookies: These cookies are used to track advertising effectiveness and provide a more relevant service. These cookies allow us to deliver tailored ads that align with your interests. By enabling marketing cookies, you consent to the use of your data for marketing purposes.

  • Functional cookies: These cookies collect data to remember choices users make in order to improve and provide a more personalized experience. These cookies enhance the usability of our website by remembering your preferences and settings. You can opt out of functional cookies, but it may affect your user experience.

  • Analytics cookies: These cookies help us understand how visitors interact with our website. They assist in identifying errors and providing better overall analytics. The data collected through analytics cookies is aggregated and anonymized. Opting out of analytics cookies will not impact your access to our website.

If you choose not to accept the cookies, we will only use the ones described as essential.

Deactivating or deleting cookies

You may withdraw your consent at any time for the use of cookies in the configuration panel available on the Website home page.

Most browsers also allow you to manage your cookie usage preferences at any time. You can adjust your browser settings to reject or delete certain cookies as you see fit.

Note that some Sanzar Group website content characteristics are only available if you allow cookies to be installed on your browser. If you decide not to accept certain cookies or to block them, depending on their purpose, all or part of the normal functioning of the website may be affected or you may be unable to access some of the services.

If you have any questions, feel free to write to us at the following email address:

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