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Meet Sanzar Group

At Sanzar, we are committed to redefining the future of space exploration. Our focus is on developing and deploying advanced Attitude and Orbit Control Systems (AOCS), powered by our groundbreaking patent that promises to change the game in the aerospace sector.

Our mission is to provide AOCS solutions that not only exceed traditional performance limits but also offer unprecedented energy efficiency, enhanced maneuverability, and significant reductions in weight and volume. These innovations are not mere incremental improvements; they represent quantum leaps that can result in millions of dollars in savings on launch and operational costs for our clients.

We aspire to be the catalysts for a new era in satellite technology, where each mission is conducted more efficiently, sustainably, and economically. By doing so, we not only advance technology but also expand the possibilities of what our clients can achieve in space, today and in the future.

At Sanzar, our vision is clear: to lead in aerospace innovation by providing the most advanced AOCS systems on the market. We are building the future of space, one satellite at a time.

Integrity, innovation, and impact are the foundational values at Sanzar Group as we transition to specializing in Attitude and Orbit Control Systems (AOCS) for aerospace. These values guide our operations and our commitment to delivering groundbreaking aerospace solutions.

  • Integrity: We maintain the highest standards of professionalism and ethics, ensuring transparency, accountability, and honesty in all our interactions. This builds lasting trust with our clients and partners.

  • Innovation: The aerospace sector requires constant innovation. We leverage our expertise to develop advanced AOCS that enhance satellite efficiency and functionality, setting new industry standards.

  • Impact: Our goal is to drive positive change in aerospace, focusing on sustainability and cost-effectiveness in space operations. Our work aims to improve satellite utility and longevity, benefiting both society and the planet.

These values are more than principles; they are the standards we live by daily, pushing us to exceed the aerospace community's expectations. At Sanzar Group, we are committed to being a driving force for innovation and positive impact in the industry.

Our Mission

Our Values

Our Headquarters


Parque Tecnológico, Av. Gregorio Peces Barba, 1, 28919 Leganés, Madrid

+34 914 677 398

+34 670 272 900 


B.P. número 254/ 3027 / Sfax el Jadida. Sfax.

+216 54 768 186


Avenida Irrazabal 1638 – Encarnacíon – CP 6000

+595 994 906579


Flat No - F3, Plot no 35,Parsuvanath Ave 2nd street, ALS Nagar, Yeswanth Nagar, Madambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600126
M. No 9600619074

+91 96006 19074

Meet The Team

Marco Ruano

Founder & Chairman

Economics professor with a PhD in Aeronautical Engineering and an MS in Environmental and Sustainable Development, brings a unique blend of aerospace expertise to the table. Their experience in the sector is not just technical but also encompasses significant aspects of management and leadership, fostering a distinctive approach to engineering and sustainable innovation.

Jiajun Xu

COO & Industrial Engineer

Highly skilled and multidisciplinary engineer, with a double Master's degree in Industrial Engineering and Automation Engineering and Robotics. His expertise is pivotal in driving operational excellence and innovation at Sanzar Group, embodying a blend of technical acumen and strategic foresight.

Dinesh Seenivasan

CSO & Aerospace Engineer

Highly qualified engineer with a PhD and a Master's Degree in Aerospace Engineering. This role is characterized by extensive expertise, a profound understanding of industry standards, and a steadfast commitment to excellence in every project undertaken. Their leadership ensures that cutting-edge aerospace technology and best practices are at the core of Sanzar's innovative endeavors.

Víctor Gómez

CTO & Electronic Engineer

Master's degree in Power Electronics and a Bachelor's in Mechatronics Engineering. Their role as a full-time researcher focuses on the intricate design, simulation, and testing of UAV flight control systems. With profound expertise in electronics, they significantly contribute to the advancement and precision of the company's technological endeavors.

Gowri Shankar

Aerospace Engineer

Graduating with a master's degree in Aerospace Engineering, this professional specializes in design and FE analysis across various sectors, including automobile and large machinery. With over two years of experience and skills in Thermal and Structural Analysis, Modal Analysis, 3D modeling, and UAV design, they offer a broad and versatile expertise in aeronautical engineering.

J Simon Peter

Electrical and Electronic Engineer

Eletrical and Electronics Engineering and MBA. Specializing in motor design and prototyping, they are adept at crafting efficient solutions for diverse applications. Their skill set also includes proficiency in Electromagnetic Finite Element Analysis and a strong track record in project and team management.

David Ortiz

Software Developer

Degree in Business Administration and a higher diploma in Web Application Development, our IT specialist embodies a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of computer science. Passionate about software development and computer research, they bring a holistic approach to information technology, adept in tackling diverse and complex challenges across the entire spectrum of IT at Sanzar Group.

Javier Crespo

Aerospace Engineer

Background in aerospace engineering, our expert boasts proficiency across a broad spectrum of technical areas, enabling them to navigate complex challenges with precision and innovation. Their deep understanding of aerospace dynamics and simulation techniques ensures robust solutions that propel Sanzar Group to new heights in the aerospace industry.

Ayman Khabou

Agronomical Engineer

Agronomical Expert with a Master's in Olive Cultivation and Oil Technology. Ayman serves as the key point of contact for collaborations in Tunisia, fostering strong, mutually beneficial relationships and business ventures.

Alexis Chudyk

Pilot & Electrical Engineer

Specializing in operations in South America, he skillfully combines experience in electrical engineering and aeronautics with cunning business development strategies. Alexis plays a decisive role in the expansion and management of our business relationships in South America, serving as the main liaison for partnerships in the region.

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