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We're Featured in Emprendedores Magazine: A Milestone for Our AI Cluster Involvement

We are excited to share that our company has been highlighted in the prestigious Emprendedores Magazine! This coverage is a testament to our innovative approach within the Artificial Intelligence cluster of the Comunidad de Madrid.

In the magazine, the spotlight is on our Advanced Onboard Computer System (AOCS), which showcases substantial competitive advantages. Notably, our AOCS has achieved a significant reduction in weight, coming in at 78 kg lighter than current models. This not only enhances efficiency but also translates to a whopping cost saving of $2.3 million.

Moreover, our patented technology has led to a more efficient AOCS, which promises to cut operational costs by an impressive $43.2 million. These figures highlight our commitment to not just innovation, but also to providing cost-effective solutions in the space industry.

To learn more about our role in the AI cluster and the detailed benefits of our AOCS, I invite you to read the full article [here].

This recognition in Emprendedores Magazine motivates us to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible with AI and space technology. Stay tuned for more updates as we forge ahead in making significant contributions to this dynamic field.

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